Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I recently took a trip to the country of Haiti.  This in my second time to visit this impoverished country.  I went one time before the devastating earthquake, and this recent trip occurred after the quake.  I had an amazing trip, and thoroughly enjoyed visiting my Hatian friends.  The point of my trip was to help rebuild a school that had been destroyed by the earthquake, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to lay the groundwork for a school to be started in the village of Guitton.  Guitton has never had a school in its history, and the children in the village are vastly uneducated.  We hoped to be able to raise money to operate a school out of an existing church building, employ 6 Haitian teachers and 1 principal, and to teach the students about Jesus.  I worked with an organization called SMI Haiti who have have been doing work in Haiti for the past 15 years.

Millie and I

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