Monday, October 11, 2010


This past week kicked off the USM centennial homecoming.  There were exciting activities on campus all week long.  Different campus organizations participated in competitions throughout the week.  Some competed in decorating in the most creative lawn decoration consisting of a wooden frame covered in chicken wire.  Students went on to stuff tissue paper in the holes of the wire forming a picture or words supporting USM's homecoming.  Other organizations joined forces to participate in the fountain sit.  For this competition, each group selected one representative to spend their day sitting in the fountain in Shoemaker Square.  Whoever remained in the fountain the longest and was the "last man standing" was deemed the winner.  This is a greatly looked forward to campus tradition.  The biggest campus activity was the homecoming football game.  Thousands of Southern Miss fans gathered to tailgate, go to the eagle walk parade, and attend the football game.  I particularly enjoyed watching the former dixie darlings return to campus and participate in the eagle walk and half-time show.  Some former members returned from as far back as 1953.  I also enjoyed seeing the Homecoming Court.  The girls elected as their class and school representatives were dressed in beautiful formal gowns.  Despite the unfortunate loss of a very close football game, I would say the centennial homecoming was a great success.