Wednesday, August 25, 2010

USM's Centennial Exhibit

Amy Artmann
LIS 201
August 23, 2010

A Personal Reflection on USM’s Centennial Exhibit
            Being an involved student at Southern Miss, I found the University’s Centennial Exhibit to be very interesting.  I walked in with the impression that I would already know much of information presented in the exhibit, but was pleasantly surprised to be enlightened with many of the displays.  I think my favorite piece of trivia was of the former school tradition that the band used to be accompanied by bag pipes and wore red coats in recognition of a former university president’s Scottish heritage.
            I also had a particular interest in the former cheerleading uniform displayed in the exhibit.  Being a former co-ed cheerleader here at USM, it was very interesting to see the contrast between the current and former cheerleading uniform.  The older version of the uniform looked to be one piece that displayed a collar and a knit sort of fabric.  This is a stark contrast to the two-piece, half-top, polyester that I wore on USM’s football field.  I also found myself chuckling at the canning equipment that was displayed, used by a club on campus that canned tomatoes.  This is not a club I expected to read about in the history of a college campus.  Overall I found the exhibit to be interesting and enlightening.  It is an excellent look into the history of our school.

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